Sharon Murray


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With over twenty years of professional experience working in healthcare, I turned my passion for helping and caring for patients into a career of being a Certified Life Transformational Coach. My specialty is in helping women cope with the very issues of their hearts, to help them get unstuck in their thoughts, actions, and beliefs and to ARISE to a place of peace, prosperity, and purpose.  I help my clients to A-acknowledge their feelings, by R-refocusing their thoughts, I- identify what’s keeping them stuck,  S-start their journey to healing and E-embrace their life again.

I coach my clients in a way that utilizes both their heads and their hearts. I first learned about coaching when I hit rockbottom and roadblocks in my own life and was struggling to move past them. I used my pain to help other women propel into their purpose. Coming from a place of hurt and disappointments, I know how hard it is to open up to people and talk about the deepest issues that has hurt to the very core of your being. After getting wrapped up countless times in the room with patients encouraging, praying and loving them through their times of darkness, I felt that God was telling me to use my gift to propel other women into their place of self-love and self discovery. 

The joy I felt inside while speaking and listening to each woman was so fulfilling to me that I knew something had to change.  I wanted to have more time with these women. I wanted more time to pour into them wisdom, understanding and patience.  This motivated me to turn my passion of servitude into a full-time career of transformational coaching to help other women like myself to rediscover a life of purpose. If you have any questions about my methods, or would like to schedule a consultation, please reach out to me today.  One thing that we have learned in these unprecedented times is that time waits for no one, and it is my desire to have everything that God has for me. Isn't that your desire too? I look forward to connecting with you. 

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