Sat on the Rocks

Life Coaching Exercise Example

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Life coaching sessions with me involve being engaged with the client through meaningful exercises. As a bonus I have added an example of what you can expect during a  session.

Take Stock and Take Action!

This is an exercise to do @ your leisure and doesn't require you to think about your answers just write the first thing that comes to your mind.  These are your true answers. Go ahead have fun!!


Life Satisfaction Rating Table

The Life Satisfaction Table is a way for you to determine how satisfied you are with your life right now.  Go ahead rate your life.  If you're not highly satisfied with your life right now schedule your free consultation.

Five Area Hand Model

This is a fun yet eye opener to what you want to have accomplished during your life journey.  Are you taking the necessary steps to fill in the "dash" between year of birth and year of death.  If not, I can help you get there.  Schedule your session today.


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