I believe that in order for complete healing to take place you must be healed from the inside out.  Every action and/or decision we make have an effect on some other area of our lives. Using a holistic approach in healing create lasting results that will restore balance in life. This unique approach nourishes you physically, mentally and spiritually.  Interconnection between the three helps you face your journey with boldness and resilience.


After working with me you will be empowered to:

• Deal with the emotional aspects of your separation or divorce

• Make sound, focused decisions that are right for you

• Leave the past behind

• Redefine your life journey towards a happy and fulfilling future

• Rebuild self-confidence, learn self-compassion and practice self-care 

• Communicate effectively

• Confidently design your own blueprint to transition into the next phase of your life 

  • Breakthrough Session

    Valid for one week
    • 75 minute 1:1 coaching call
    • Action plan to promote growth and move you toward your goals
    • 2 15 min. calls within 30 days to check progress
  • Beginners Path

    Valid for one month
    • 1 hour weekly coaching sessions (total of 4 sessions)
    • Customized "self-work" worksheets
    • Action plan tailored to your needs
  • Best Value

    4 Month Mentorship

    Every month
    Valid for 4 months
    • Bi-weekly coaching sessions for 4 months
    • Customized "self-work" assignments based on your unique need
    • 3 month vision plan to implement immediately
    • Action plan tailored to your needs
    • Between session email support (answered within 24 hrs.)
  • ARISE Course

    Every month
    Valid for 9 months
    • 2 1 hr sessions per month (18 sessions total)
    • Takeaway tools to further your growth outside of our session
    • Customized self-work assignments
    • Deep dive journaling prompts
    • Guided visualization exercises
    • 3 month vision plan
    • Smart goal planning
    • Unlimited support via text/email (answered within 24hrs.)
    • 1 monthly 1:1 private coaching session
    • 1 free accountability check-ups and check-ins monthly
    • Bonus: annual goal planner
    • Bonus: personal journal