5 Practices to Help You Become the Person God Created You to Be

As I was doing my morning reading I came across this nugget. I find it encouraging to know that we were ALL created for a purpose. Are you living in your purpose or are you just living? The things that we do daily on a consistent basis shapes the person that you are or it creates the person that you will become. What type of life have or are you creating for yourself. Is it one of peace, purpose and productivity, or is it one of conflict, chance, or chaos? Why not become the person that you were created to be. Schedule for free 30 minute coaching consultation with me today.

  1. Find wisdom in God's Word ( you can start by reading a scripture a day)

  2. Enjoy conversations with God (He loves to hear how your day is going)

  3. Connect with a Biblical community

  4. Honor God in worship by singing or thanking Him

  5. Invest in God's Kingdom (give of your time and talents)

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