Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do

Isn't it amazing how our dreams influence how we see our life and everything around us? Many times, we dream about what we want and how our life would be better if we had all of the material things we needed. The truth is that so many times we dream of the "what we want" instead of the "who" that life is forming us to be. Most times our dreams revolve around possessions, money, power, or prestige and when our dreams are about the what's, our circumstances can have a tremendous effect on us. When we make that change to see the "who" instead of the "what" in our life, we can learn to become the person that our circumstances are forming us to be. Unbeknownst to us, God uses those very circumstances as opportunities to develop us and move us in the right direction which is His “divine direction”. The only way to make our dreams come true is to develop clarity about ourselves. Until we get that clarity on who we are we will never develop the reality of achieving or having all the wants and desires that God desires for us. So, for today and every day, began to focus more on the kind of person you could become if you appreciated your challenges and took each opportunity and focused them to gain the confidence and courage to make yourself the best that you could be! Today make the choice and schedule your free consultation or schedule your session today!

~Erin Woerner

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