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Brianna G (4 sessions)

Sharon has helped me on so many levels in my life.  She gives words of encouragement and advice and it makes sense.  She is a great listener and is attentive to the needs of her clients. She genuinely cares for you as a person and doesn't see you as a client but more like a family member.  Through her coaching, she has truly helped me through this thing called life. I have grown closer to God and have gotten a better hold on my life.  The way she makes you think things through is mind-blowing. Trust me when I say having her as a my life coach has been my saving grace.

Shaneka R. (4 sessions)

Everyone needs a life coach! I didn't know

it at the time, but after years of working with Sharon I realized that I had my own personal life coach!! Sharon has given me such great spiritual counsel and direction through her own life experience.  She would present my own situation to me in such a way that it would help me identify my own obstacles, clarify my situation and come to my own conclusion.  For her it was just that simple.  No pressure involved. she is passionate, professional, soft-spoken and yet her deliverance to me was very purposeful.  If my words are not enough, I implore you to book your session and see for yourself.

Kedria W. (3 sessions)

Sharon is your # 1 cheerleader! She is committed to going above and beyond to help you accomplish the things that are most important to you. I also learned a lot about balance from Sharon. She gave me tools that helped me to understand how to balance everything in life while on my journey to achieving my goals. Even between sessions Sharon would text or email to make sure I was on track. This was very important to me because it showed that she is truly committed to helping me live my best life. I highly recommend her services. 

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